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With years of hands on training, our team takes pride in working with homeowners on planting solutions that reflect your vision while providing opportune conditions for plants to thrive.

Whether you have specific flowers, shrubs, or trees in mind or need some advising, our specialists can help design and implement what best suites your lawn design. Finding the right combination of plant color, size, and texture is one of our passions as designers.

Tree Installation

Many trees planted each year by well-meaning homeowners and community workers will never flourish because they are hopelessly unsuited for the conditions in which they are placed. Before rushing in to plant just any available trees, do enough research and planning to ensure success.

Proper tree planting and transplanting are often underestimated. If done incorrectly, it can impact the growth and longevity of your trees. Trees may be purchased as bare-root, container-grown, or balled and burlapped. Correct planting and initial maintenance are essential for a long, healthy life for your tree. The most common cause of poor tree health is poor planting: too deep, too shallow, or in too small an area. The objective is to plant the tree so that the root flare at the bottom of the trunk is at (or slightly above) the surrounding ground level

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